Why Every Little Star?

In the Realm of ABA Practice, Where Every Child's Spark Ignites, Stands Every Little Star.

At Every Little Star, we believe in unlocking the unique brilliance within every child. Our dedicated BCBA(s) don't just guide; they inspire growth within the intricate dynamics of families and treatment teams. We truly believe there is no one answering sheet to each child's needs, ABA services should respect and utilize the uniqueness within each child and his family. Our goal is to empower our children to thrive on their own terms, celebrating every milestone as a step towards independence and confidence.

As a BCBA-owned clinic, accessibility is at our core. Your child's knowledge BCBA will be able to assist you in many aspects of the ABA services, from programming and training to billing information. There will be no more directing your question to another person.

At Every Little Star, we're more than a practice; we're a community of dreams. Here, every child's journey is unique and celebrated, lighting up a world of endless possibilities.